Product safety is something that seldom crosses our minds; we fully expect that products we buy are safe. Until, that is, you or someone you love experiences a serious injury or death due to an unsafe or defective product.

Duncan Firm has represented many clients whose lives have been adversely affected by defective products, and we have successfully reached settlements with manufacturers for injuries that occurred from faulty products.

Consumers believe that if a product is on the marketplace, it must meet safety requirements. Unfortunately, it is all too common for large corporations to put profits over people. At Duncan Firm, we are experienced product liability lawyers who represent plaintiffs who have been seriously injured due to unreasonably dangerous products.

Corporations often have knowledge of defective products yet choose to not fix the problem. Rather than make an inexpensive fix such as replacing a part that costs less than a dollar, a company will choose to save that money which, in turn, jeopardizes your safety.

Common types of defective product cases tried by Duncan Firm include:

We have the experience, technology, and knowledge to represent you if you've been injured by a defective product. Duncan Firm will use some of the nation's foremost experts to help recover the amount you deserve.

You can set up a personal, no-cost consultation by contacting our law office online or calling us in Little Rock, Arkansas at 877-638-6226. Our defective product attorneys are ready to answer your questions and help you obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.