Share the Road Safely During National Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? In effort to prevent common accidents, the National Safety Council is calling attention to safety in all areas of life, from ready response and being healthy to watching for dangers and sharing the road safely.

Because of the high number of claims our auto accident attorneys handle, we think it’s especially important to encourage drivers to share the road safely. Here are a few safe driving tips:

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – a perfect time to reflect on your own driving habits and to make changes that help prevent your causing an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly all car accidents involve some form of distraction. Tragically, many of these accidents are fatal for the drivers and passengers of other vehicles, giving even a moments distraction the potential to forever alter the course of an entire family’s life.

Tire Recall System “Broken” According to NTSB

According to Hart, “A lot of that is something the consumers don’t have control over because they don’t know that they’re driving with a tire that’s subject to a recall.” This calls into question the system currently in place to notify drivers of these defective and dangerous products.

Tire recalls are only sent to customers who contact the manufacturer after installation and individually register the tires. The NTSB found that this information is not readily given to consumers – an oversight that has placed thousands of people at risk for serious injury.

Share the Road

As the summer months approach, more and more people will be switching from passenger vehicles to motorcycles as their primary form of transportation. In anticipation of this increase, the National Highway Traffic safety Administration has dedicated May as National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a month where bikers and motorists alike are encouraged to take steps that help prevent motorcycle accidents.