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Across the US, car accident rates tend to increase in late summer, peaking in August-September, but in Arkansas, June is the deadliest month for car accidents. How deadly? In 2009, 67 people died in June, more than twice as many as the number of people who died in the safest month, December.

It seems counterintuitive that the deadliest month for car crashes would be one where the weather tends to be fair and the roads clear. But many of the facts of car accident statistics seem counterintuitive. Another example: at what time and day of the week did more fatal accidents occur than any other? From 3-6pm on Monday afternoon. These fatalities include a significant number of drug and alcohol-related crashes. In fact, this time and day of the week is when more fatal drug and alcohol accidents occur than any other time. More than closing time on a Friday or Saturday night.

Overall, a quarter of all car accidents occur during the afternoon rush hours when people are hurrying home from work. When you get into your car to drive home after a long day, remember this, and remain alert, calm, and patient to help yourself get home safely.

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