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Garbage trucks and dump trucks are constantly moving and stopping on busy neighborhood streets. Due to their large size and frequent stops, garbage and dump trucks can impose a serious risk for other drivers on the road. Many garbage truck accidents happen each year. The lawyers at Duncan Firm are experienced in fighting for our clients. If you are facing the effects of a garbage truck accident, we can help.

What Are Garbage And Dump Trucks?

There are five different kinds of garbage and dump trucks:

  • Rear Loaders: These trucks contain a fork that picks items up from the back of the vehicle.
  • Front Loaders: These trucks contain a fork that picks items up from the front of the vehicle.
  • Side Loaders: With this vehicle, items are picked up from the vehicles’ side.
  • Pneumatic Collection: This is primarily used to collect underground waste.
  • Grapple Trucks: These trucks are designed to lift large objects that may not be safe to lift by hand.

Our lawyers possess experience and knowledge to solve any dump truck or garbage truck related accident case. If you or a family member has been involved in an accident from one of the vehicles listed above, call us today.

What Causes A Dump Truck Or Garbage Truck Accident?

Garbage and dump trucks are necessary to remove garbage or haul debris. However, these vehicles can be dangerous if not maintained or driven safely. Garbage and dump truck accidents are not only caused by driver negligence. In many cases, other factors contribute heavily to the accidents of these vehicles. The following are common causes of garbage and dump truck accidents:

  • Garbage or debris falling out of the truck and hitting other drivers
  • Garbage cans falling onto the road
  • Frequent stopping
  • Improper backing
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Weather conditions
  • Driver negligence

No matter what the cause of the accident, we will find a solution for a garbage truck accident. Duncan Firm lawyers will investigate your case to find the best solution. Accidents can be traumatic, while also causing loss of income and costly medical expenses for many individuals. We understand how serious these accidents can be and we want to help.

Garbage Truck Drivers

Not only do garbage trucks impose serious risks for drivers on the road, garbage truck drivers also face danger when operating their vehicle. A recent study included garbage truck drivers as one of the 10 deadliest jobs. Below are some risks drivers may face:

  • Garbage trucks work to crush materials. When loading materials into the truck it is easy to get hands or limbs caught in the machinery.
  • Garbage truck drivers often work in high traffic, which can impose a risk of being run over or hit by other vehicles.
  • Garbage trucks often carry hazardous materials.

If you are a garbage truck driver who is suffering from the effects of one of the hazards above, our lawyers will work to find a solution. We understand the dangers of this profession and are experienced in helping clients who have undergone trauma due to driving a garbage truck.

I Was Involved In A Dump Truck Or Garbage Truck Accident, What Should I Do?

If you were involved in a dump truck or garbage truck accident, you deserve compensation and justice. For over 45 years, Duncan Firm has been solving accident cases for clients from around the country, including Arkansas, Los Angeles, and New York City metro area.  Our experts will investigate your case and find a solution. Contact us today!

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