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If you’re a motorcyclist, you know the dangers that come from unsafe and unobservant drivers. The tragic reality of being a motorcycle operator is that you can do everything right and still find yourself the victim of a serious personal injury as the result of another driver’s negligence.

In these cases, you have the right to pursue justice and compensation. If you choose to do so, it’s important that you find the right motorcycle accident attorney for you. Duncan Firm’s experienced lawyers know how to successfully pursue compensation for victims like you.If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident and need an experienced attorney, please call Duncan Firm today at 877-638-6226 for a free consultation.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Help

You well know that on a motorcycle, you have no protection from trauma. Helmets can help, and we absolutely recommend that you wear one at all times. But without the protection of a vehicular superstructure, you are intensely vulnerable, even if you follow motorcycle safety precautions.
This means that in any motorcycle accident, you are in danger of suffering a devastating, catastrophic personal injury. These motorcycle accident injuries, which can result in paralysis or even death, have an additional consequence- staggering medical bills.

For you, compensation for your motorcycle accident isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. You’re facing medical expenses you had no way of preparing for, and, if you’re like many Americans, have no way of paying without help.

Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are absolutely indispensable in this difficult moment in your life. We can help by:

  • Listening to your story and providing you with a clear, honest evaluation of your case
  • Investigating to determine the true cause of your accident
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies on your behalf
  • Pursuing compensation for medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering and, in wrongful death cases, funeral expenses
  • Taking your case to trial or engaging in settlement negotiations, as appropriate

As the victim of another person’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden of the expenses you’re facing. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can answer any motorcycle accident litigation questions, and we are prepared to serve as your champions and fight for you in the face of resistance from the other party or the insurance companies.

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If you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, New York City, or Little Rock, please call Duncan Firm today at 877-638-6226 for a free consultation.

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