Confidential Settlement - Williams v. Union Pacific Railroad Company and Dominic Sharkey Crittenden

Case No. County Circuit Court No. CV-2003-234
A wrongful death occurred in a vehicle railroad crossing collision with a Union Pacific train. A confidential settlement with Union Pacific was reached.

Confidential Settlement - Smith v. General Motors

U.S.D.C. Western District of Tennessee, Western Division Case No. 03-2651-MIP
Michael Smith was killed when his 1998 S-10 pickup truck left the roadway and rolled, ejecting Mr. Smith from the vehicle. As the family of Mr. Smith worked with Duncan Firm to contemplate filing a suit, GM sent representatives to inspect the damage to pickup truck. While doing so, evidence was destroyed that would have revealed known defects. As a result of GM’s blatant actions to hinder the plaintiff in pursuing a case, Duncan Firm won a settlement for the family.

Confidential Settlement - Sadler, et al v. CNN/Time Warner, Inc., et al.

Case No. C99-20902 - MDL Case No. 1257
In a news story by CNN, it was claimed that military officers sanctioned the use of the deadly nerve gas sarin. The report was false and considered slanderous and defamatory to Military officers who gave of their life in service to the U.S. Duncan Firm helped the military officers in this case hold the new organization accountable for inaccurate reporting and a settlement was obtained.

Confidential Settlement -Hickey, et al. v. Ford Motor Company

Case No. 300CV1879L, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division
In this case, The 1995 Crown Victoria Police Cruiser made by Ford Motor Company purchased by the plaintiff was deemed safe and free from defect. It allegedly was equipped with industry-standard safety equipment when in fact it was defective in design, causing it to be inherently dangerous. Duncan Firm took on the case and won a settlement for the plaintiff.

Confidential Settlement - Beach, et al. v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation

U.S.D.C., Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana Division (Case No. 504 CV 97)
This was a wrongful death and products liability case. A defective Dodge Ram pick-up truck caught on fire causing severe damage. Phillip Duncan’s efforts resulted in a confidential settlement with DaimlerChrysler.

Confidential Settlement - Brady v. Honda and Union Pacific Railroad Company

While driving her 1997 Honda Accord, Mrs. Brady was crossing railroad tracks when the vehicle suddenly stalled on the tracks in the path of an oncoming train. She was unable to restart the vehicle and was struck by the train. Two weeks later, a safety notice arrived in Mrs. Brady from Honda, notifying her that an ignition switch defect on her Accord could cause the switch to fail without warning. Mrs. Brady died from her injuries. The family turned to Duncan Firm, which brought suit for the product failure against Honda, which led to confidential settlement.

Mediation Settlement - Burris v. Cogswell Motors and Stephan Schwartz

Auto injuries were sustained in this case. This particular case went to mediation. It was in mediation that the case resulted in settlement and a trial was not warranted.

Confidential Settlement - Pope v. Stallion Transportation, et al U.S.D.C., Tadeusz Mirek, et al

Case No.2:03CV00037 JMM
This was a big truck collision with an automobile. The injuries were catastrophic. A serious brain injury was another permanent devastating result due to the collision. Brain injuries are hard to understand. Phillip Duncan has spent years studying and understanding this series injury. One way Phillip is able to help his brain injured clients is through public awareness. A settlement was reached in this case with Stallion Transportation.

Confidential Settlement - Mathis v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., et al

Case No. CV-03-50-2
Tekisha Mathis was attempting to cross a Union Pacific railroad track when without warning her vehicle was struck by a Union Pacific freight train. Ms. Mathis was killed instantly. Duncan Firm determined that adequate warning of the oncoming train was not given and helped win a settlement for the family.

Confidential Settlement - Wood v. Burns

Case No. U.S.D.C., Eastern District, Western Division No. LR-C-98-673.
This was a personal injury case. This case was settled before going to trial. The client suffered as an amputee from the injuries sustained.