Confidential Settlement - Walker v. General Motors

Case No. U.S.D.C., Eastern Dist., Western Div.LR-C-96-223
In this case a mother and two children were burned to death when the gas tank in their GM Astro van exploded on impact with another vehicle. Duncan Firm was able to prove the gas tank was defective and won a settlement for surviving family members.

Confidential Settlement - Tappin v. ASPD

Class action certified USDC, Eastern District of Arkansas, No. LR-C-91-627
For years, black state troopers in the Arkansas State Police Department faced various types of racial discrimination. Duncan Firm helped the troopers prove that the discrimination was indeed taking place, which led to numerous policy changes in the state police department.

Confidential Settlement - Baranowski v. General Motors

Case No. LR-C-96-922
Sara Baranowski, a former U.S. Air Force pilot, was thrown from her 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme when her passenger-side door opened in a collision on a wet road. She was left paralyzed from the waist down. Duncan Firm helped prove that the safety restraint system in the vehicle was defective, which led to Mrs. Baranowski becoming paralyzed. Duncan Firm took the case and won a judgment.

Confidential Settlement - Clower v. Nissan

Case No. USDC, Northern District of Mississippi 94CV-172-S-D
A defective product was the main issue in this case. The seat belt felt to do it’s job of restraining resulting in our client becoming a paraplegic. A settlement was a result of Phillip Duncan’s hard work in proving the defective product.

Confidential Settlement - Clay v. Southern Pacific Railway Co.

Case No. USDC, Western District, El Dorado Division, 94-118
This case involved series injuries resulting from a car/train collision. A Confidential settlement was able to reach before trial.

Confidential Settlement - Baker, et al. v. GM a/k/a Johnson, et al. v. General Motors

Case No. USDC, Eastern District, Western Division, 89-238
This was a consumer fraud case. This case named 55 plaintiffs. The case resulted in a confidential settlement.

Confidential Settlement - Cobb v. General Motors

Katy Cobb was on way her home to Little Rock from Baylor University to get fitted for her wedding dress. But everything changed that day for Katy, her fiancé, family, and friends when her GM Blazer rolled over, and her seatbelt failed to restrain. GM had not made provisions for the “fifth-percentile” female driver resulting in Katy loosing her life. This belt was defective and this was a defective product case. After reviewing thousands of documents and working the case to go to trial Phillip was able to reach a confidential settlement with General Motors.

Confidential Settlement - Bolding v. Ford Motor Company

The Bolding family was traveling in their 1998 Ford Explorer when father Scott Bolding lost control and then over corrected, leading to the vehicle rolling over. Mother Stacy Bolding was killed and sons Seth and Samuel suffered serious injuries. Duncan Firm represented the Bolding family, proving numerous safety defects in the vehicle, leading to a financial settlement in favor of the Boldings.