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Immediately following a spinal cord injury, it may be difficult to determine a person’s prognosis. Emergency medical treatment focused on stabilization is typically administered during this time to help protect against further damage. It is important to remember that complete damage to the spinal cord will result in at least some permanent loss of function even when stabilization is quickly achieved.

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SCI Rehabilitation

The goal of SCI rehabilitation is restoring as much function as possible. Building an effective plan requires a team of medical experts and specialists who work together to customize a rehabilitation program based on the specific needs of the individual.

When damage to the spinal cord is incomplete, rehabilitation will focus more on restoring strength and ability to those parts of the body most impacted. When damage is complete, rehabilitation may include learning how to use adaptive technology, work with new accommodating fixtures and household modifications, and emotional support for dealing with a permanent loss of certain functions. In both cases, expenses during the rehabilitation phase can be overwhelming.

In addition to expenses related to rehabilitation, most victims of SCI are unable to work while in recovery, further compounding economic struggles. The Arkansas personal injury attorneys at the Duncan Firm are prepared to stand by your side and fight tooth and nail to ensure you are provided the full compensation you will require to make the best recovery possible and lead a fulfilling life long after your case is settled.

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