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While many car accidents may look the same to you, it is important to know that they come in many different forms. Some may involve a single car, others may involve multiple vehicles, and they can take place at either high or low speeds. Many different factors can cause car accidents. 

However, rollover auto accidents can be some of the most dangerous collisions. A rollover collision occurs when a vehicle turns over onto its side or roof. The driver and even the passengers can receive multiple different types of injuries.

Understanding how these auto accidents occur can help you determine who is responsible. This can help you pursue financial compensation for injuries and damages.

Reasons Why Rollover Crashes Occur

A truck, car, or other type of vehicle may rollover because of:

  • Driver error – Many vehicle rollovers with single vehicles occur because a driver has failed to drive safely. For example, if a driver chooses to drive recklessly at a high speed and go around a corner, their vehicle may roll over. Drivers may also lose control due to factors such as distracted driving. This can cause them to hit guardrails or other objects causing their vehicles to flip. 
  • Manufacturing defects – Large or top-heavy vehicles such as SUVs and trucks are far more likely to roll over due to their high center of gravity. This can cause them to become imbalanced when they go around corners. Accidents can often occur when vehicles have been designed defectively or manufacturers have failed to address any rollover risks.  
  • Dangerous roads – Many rollover crashes take place when a vehicle leaves the road. The ground on the shoulder of the road is often far softer than it should be which causes the vehicle to falter. Dangerous roads can also cause the vehicle’s tires to leave the pavement and increase the risk of a vehicle turning over.  

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Rollover crashes are very like to cause severe injuries. These injuries can include spine injuries, brain injuries, damage to internal organs, lacerations, and other severe cuts. Here at Duncan Firm, we can help to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding an accident in order to determine the causes of a rollover. 

We work with victims to pursue financial compensation from all parties who were at fault. To learn how we can assist you here at Duncan Firm, get in touch today!

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