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Duncan Firm represents victims of train accidents and derailments nationwide, including claims against the National Railroad Passenger Corp, d/b/a ‘Amtrak’ or ‘AMTRAK’ and other common carriers.

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Train Accidents

AMTRAK Train Accident In Philadelphia

An AMTRAK train heading to New York City crashed and derailed Tuesday night, May 12, 2015 in north Philadelphia. The train, reportedly traveling at an excessive speed into a curve, was carrying over 200 passengers. Many were injured, at least eight people lost their lives in this tragic derailment.

Duncan Firm aggressively and passionately represents people injured in all kinds of train accidents, including AMTRAK and other commercial common carriers. If you or a loved one was a passenger on an AMTRAK train, and was injured, please contact our law firm for more information.

*Duncan Firm, P.A. may associate with counsel in states where we litigate cases.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a train accident occurs once every two hours in the United States. And while that may not sound like many, the results of such accidents tend to be much more catastrophic. The Federal Railroad Administration reports that nearly 1,000 people die each year in train accidents.

Trains continue to be a common and popular mode of transportation, moving both people and cargo. As a result, the types of railway accidents vary as much as the causes. Pinpointing the cause requires thorough, careful investigation. Duncan Firm has handled many such cases, helping victims and their families recover from their loss and suffering.

Cases We’ve Won

$8M – Morris v. Union Pacific

A wrecker driver arrived at the scene of a train accident to pull away some of the resulting wreckage. Without warning, the train lurched forward. The driver suffered severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

Duncan Firm represented the driver and obtained a settlement for damages.

Common Types of Cases:

  • Crashes with other trains
  • Derailment
  • Accidents with passenger vehicles
  • Unmarked or poorly maintained railway crossings
  • Improperly maintained tracks and equipment
  • Negligence on the part of the engineer, conductor, fireman or brakeman
  • Failure to observe proper speed
  • A combination of the above

The last point, train accidents due to a combination of factors, bears repeating. Generally, this is often the case. Whatever the cause, the laws that apply to railroad accidents are complex, making experienced legal representation all the more important. Duncan Firm has successfully represented many victims of railroad injuries. A thorough investigation by attorney Phillip Duncan and his team will determine just who is responsible for negligence.

Railroad Crossing Dangers

Each year, thousands suffer severe injury or die in train accidents. Common injuries include brain trauma and spinal cord injuries, concussions and other head injuries, sprains, fractures, abrasions, burn injuries and internal and soft tissue injuries.

While most highway railroad crossings are equipped with warning devices such as flashing lights, crossing gates and ringing bells, at times these devices fail due to inadequate or total lack of maintenance. Some crossings are just poorly marked and provide little or no warning. Also, if tracks near a crossing are overgrown with high grass and brush, a driver may simply be unable to spot an oncoming train until it’s too late.

Take Action Immediately

Timing is critical whenever a train accident occurs. Railroad officials, as well as local and federal agencies, respond quickly to train accidents. The best way to protect your rights is to have a team working for you as soon as possible. Don’t delay if you or someone you love suffers a severe or fatal injury after a train crash. Talk to an experienced attorney right away at Duncan Firm. When needed, we will bring on experts in the field of train accident reconstruction. It’s vital these experts gain access to the accident scene as quickly as possible to prevent the loss or destruction of key evidence.

To schedule a free consultation with a train accident attorney, please contact Duncan Firm online or call our office at 877-638-6226 today.

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