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As we enter the rainy spring months, it’s important to take proper precautions to reduce the possibility of being in an accident. Each year there are over sixty-thousand traffic accidents in Arkansas, resulting in over 400 deaths.

Duncan Firm has compiled a list of tips from a variety of sources to help you stay safe on rainy days.

  • Slow Down – reduces the chances of hydroplaning, and reduces the distance required to stop
  • Leave Room Between Cars – leaves you more time to slow down and pump the brakes
  • Understand What To Do If You Skid – look and steer in the direction you want the car to go, and don’t slam on your brakes
  • Stay Alert – people tend to zone out while driving, but make an effort to stay focused
  • Turn On Your Headlights – improves visibility and it’s the law
  • Keep Your Brights Off – the brighter light reflects off wet surfaces, which can cause visibility problems for you and other drivers
  • Clean The Inside And Outside Of Car Windows – improves visibility
  • Regularly Replace Windshield Wipers – improves visibility
  • Check Your Tire Pressure – properly inflated tires improve grip
  • Check Your Tire Tread – good tread depth ensures good grip on the road
  • Avoid Cruise Control – increases the chance of losing control of the vehicle
  • Don’t Drive When Water Is 3+ Inches Deep – control becomes too difficult, and the water can stall your engine
  • Drive Less – postpone or combine errands for fewer bad-weather trips

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