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When you purchase a consumer product, you have the right to expect it will work as advertised. Even more importantly, you have the right to expect it will work safely – if you use the product as it’s supposed to be used, it shouldn’t result in personal injury.

However, our Little Rock defective product lawyers know that this often isn’t the case. Too many of our clients have suffered devastating personal injuries as the result of mistakes in design or manufacture, or because products were inappropriately advertised.

We are here to help. Duncan Firm represents victims like you, even in the face of opposition from massive companies with huge legal teams. We will not be intimidated.

If you need an experienced defective product lawyer, please call Duncan Firm today at 877-638-6226 for a free consultation.

Defective Product Cases We Handle

Product liability law is a broad legal area that encompasses a number of specific case types. That’s why it’s vital that when you seek a defective product lawyer, you find a firm with significant experience in the cases that are relevant to you.

Our firm has handled defective product cases related to:

  • Defective vehicles
  • Defective toys
  • Defective playground equipment
  • Defective equipment and machinery

Furthermore, we work with victims, and the families of victims, who have suffered cancer diagnoses after exposure to the agricultural product Roundup.

Types Of Defective Product Cases

Every case is unique, and we will thoroughly investigate your defective product case in order to determine the cause of your injury and the liable party. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to the law – we know you deserve an approach that is tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. However, most defective product cases fall into three broad categories:

  • Design Flaws: In these cases, there was a significant flaw in the design of the product that made it unacceptably dangerous. This design flaw should have been caught long before the product reached market.
  • Manufacturing Flaws: In these cases, the design is basically sound, but something went awry with the manufacturing process that created a dangerous product. This is often the result of sub-par materials being used, or corners being cut in an effort to slash costs.
  • Misleading Advertising: Finally, there are cases where a product was soundly designed and manufactured, but was advertised inappropriately. A company will market a product as capable of doing something that it’s not actually capable of doing, and when a consumer uses the product in that way, he or she suffers an injury. In some cases, a company does not include proper warnings about a product’s dangers in its marketing or packaging.

Arkansas Product Liability Laws

In the state of Arkansas, the statute of limitations for defective product law is three years. However, the clock doesn’t start until you discover, or should have known, about the connection between the product and your injury.

The state of Arkansas uses a comparative negligence system, which means any verdict you win will vary based on the amount of “blame” assigned to each party. For example, if the award is $100,000 and it’s determined that you are 10% responsible for your injuries, you will receive only $90,000.

Our firm will be happy to answer any additional questions about defective products you might have. We have decades of experience with defective product litigation, and you can trust us to provide you with the skilled representation you deserve.

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