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Tips for safer driving

Many car accidents are the result of drivers not paying enough attention to the road, to pedestrians, and to other drivers. There are several ways to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening. 

Check your blind spots

Every vehicle, no matter its size or number of mirrors, has blind spots. Bigger vehicles tend to have bigger blind spots, so be sure to check yours frequently and avoid driving in other vehicles’ blind spots. 

Look where you’re going 

Many drivers have developed the habit of looking in their rearview mirror for guidance when backing up, not realizing that this is a risky behavior. It’s important to look in the direction you’re driving in, whether it’s forward or backward. Remember, mirrors are there to assist, not replace, your direct vision. 

Scan your front and side views

With so much unpredictability on the road, you have to be alert and aware at all times. The best way to do this is to scan your front and sides constantly. This will give you the necessary time to notice changes in your surroundings and react to them, such as a light turning or an animal about to dart into the road. 

Merge slowly

If you merge too quickly, you don’t give other drivers enough time to react to your presence. Double check that the way is clear and that you have enough time to merge into traffic. 

Take care when changing lanes 

Sudden and unexpected lane changes are extremely dangerous. Make sure you signal first before attempting to move into a new lane and make eye contact with other drivers to confirm that they’ve seen you. 

Show courtesy to your fellow drivers 

Courtesy is another key element in safe driving, making the roads more pleasant and predictable for everyone. Drivers who engage in reckless, self-centered behaviors, such as tailgating, cause more accidents than those who share the road and allow others the appropriate space. If you see a driver who is driving aggressively and not allowing others to navigate freely in and out of the flow of traffic, put as much distance as possible between you and them. 

When a car accident happens

Despite your best efforts to remain alert, aware, and courteous on the roads, sometimes accidents occur anyway. 

An experienced attorney is essential in helping you weigh your options after a car accident. Contact Duncan Firm to schedule a consultation with a lawyer experienced in auto accidents and personal injury.

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