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A toxic chemical commonly used as a herbicide, Paraquat is found in many weed and grass control products. While paraquat is seen as useful in certain situations, it carries poisonous elements that can be dangerous when exposed to people. 

History and Restrictions

Paraquat was introduced for commercial usage more than 60 years ago. While it has been in use as a herbicide, it has also been a key component for terrorist plots around the world. The toxic and dangerous nature of the chemical has resulted in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifying it as a “restricted use” product. 

The “restricted use” classification means that paraquat can only be used for individuals licensed to carry the chemical. It is not available for general public use or purchase.  Once paraquat is in the body, it can cause toxic chemical reactions primarily in the lungs, liver, and kidneys.  

The chemical is also cited as a contributing factor in Parkinson’s disease. If you or your family is affected by conditions such as Parkinson’s disease as a result of exposure to the Paraquat herbicide, then you may be exploring your legal options. 

Determining Your Case

Since you may be eligible for compensation in these cases, a paraquat lawsuit can be the first step to recovery. A paraquat lawsuit attorney can help you and your loved ones who have been negatively affected by paraquat exposure. Contact the team at Duncan Firm today to review your case for a paraquat lawsuit. 

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