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Duncan Firm has earned a reputation and track record for representing businesses in complex litigation involving torts such as tortious interference, defamation, unfair trade practices, breach of contract, disgorgement damages and other wrongful business conduct. Simply put, we take on hard cases and see that justice is achieved if possible. Notably, Duncan Firm was part of the trial team that prepared the precedent setting and unique business torts case in Florida,, Bailey et. al.vs. St. Louis et. al., which resulted in a final judgment of over $369 Million after two successful appeals of a bench trial verdict. Duncan Firm represented a group of Arkansas businessmen and several Florida businesses, teaming up and associating with two Florida firms to achieve this record setting result.

In addition to business litigation, Duncan Firm’s business services practice group, managed by James H. Bartolomei III, P.A., provides representation for start-up businesses, employees in labor disputes, and photographers in copyright infringement cases. James is licensed to practice before the state courts of California, New York, Florida,Arkansas, Connecticut and DC, as well as the U.S. District of Colorado. He is also the son-in-law of Duncan Firm founder, Phillip Duncan.

Because brain injuries are so complex, there are several myths out there about the rehabilitation process. One of the most common myths is that all possible recovery will happen within the first year of rehab. This is simply untrue.

Research shows that the length of brain injury improvement depends on the extent of any given injury: the more severe it is, the more slowly you will recover. Many TBI victims continue to see improvement for years beyond their initial recovery period.

Another myth involves the idea of a “recovery plateau” – in other words, a point in time when you show no further improvement. When your rate of progress first starts to decrease, some brain injury therapists will terminate their services, believing you have stopped improving and there is no need to continue rehab.

While the most dramatic recovery progress does take place in the early stages of TBI rehab, the idea of a recovery plateau is faulty. Any improvement following your TBI will happen in fits and starts, and may often be interrupted by periods of little to no change – even regression.
Many so-called “plateaus” in the recovery process come just before a series of new increases in brain function. It is much more accurate to view brain injury rehabilitation as a long-term process that can show new developments at any time.

For further information, Duncan Firm answers common questions about brain injury. Our attorneys can also review your case for free when you complete the form on this page or call 877-638-6226.

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