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Big trucks can cause serious damage when involved in accidents. Injuries can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal due to the size and weight of these vehicles. If you are the victim of a large commercial vehicle or 18-wheeler vehicle accident, Duncan Firm lawyers are here to help you find justice. We understand that even minor impact accidents can cause serious injuries when involving large commercial vehicles. With over 40 years of experience, our lawyers are here to help.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Truck Accidents?

There are many different types of commercial trucks. Below are some kinds of trucks that most commonly are involved in a rear end accident:

  • Big Rigs: Big rigs consist of semi-trucks, as well as semi-trailer tractors. These trucks are used to transport materials around the country. Their size and weight imposes a risk for other drivers on the road.
  • Delivery Van: Delivery vans are used to deliver products mainly in neighborhoods. These neighborhoods often can be crowded with narrow streets, which can cause danger to all drivers.
  • Flatbed Trucks: Flatbed trucks have a large, open floor for carrying flat cargo. These vehicles do not have sides or a roof, which imposes a great risk for other drivers on the road.
  • Tow Trucks: Tow trucks are common on highways and roads. These trucks have a large, metal tank used to tow other vehicles. Due to their heavy size, these vehicles can cause danger to other drivers.
  • Garbage Trucks: Garbage trucks are constantly stopping and going. In addition, these trucks are heavy and large. Although garbage trucks are a necessity, they can also be risky.
  • Logging Trucks: Logging trucks are used to transport timber. These trucks are very large and must be secured properly to be safely operated.
  • Emergency Vehicles: Emergency vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances are helpful in the case of an emergency. However, due to speeding and distractions, these vehicles can cause accidents.

If you have been rear ended by any of the big trucks listed above, our expert lawyers want to hear from you. With over 45 years of experience serving clients in New York, Los Angeles, Arkansas, and around the country, the Duncan Firm team can help.

What Causes A Rear End Truck Accident?

Rear end truck accidents are surprisingly common. Below are some common causes of rear end accidents with commercial vehicles:

  • Size of the Vehicle – Many commercial vehicles are large and heavy. These factors make it difficult for the driver to stop abruptly, which can result in a rear end collision.
  • Lack of Training – A driver who is inexperienced or lacks training can cause rear end accidents due to improper operation of a vehicle.
  • Fatigue – If a driver is tired, they may not be paying attention to the road. This can cause a driver to rear end other vehicles from falling asleep at the wheel or from simply not paying attention.
  • Brake or Tire Failure –  If a driver’s equipment fails, often there is nothing they can do. These maintenance errors can result in a serious accident.
  • Driving Under the Influence – Drugs and alcohol can inhibit a driver’s ability to react. Driving under the influence can result in rear end collisions.  No truck driver is allowed to have any alcohol or drugs in his or her system.  If found to be drunk or under the influence of drugs, this is likely evidence of punitive damages that could be found against the trucking company.

If you have been rear ended by a large commercial vehicle, call Duncan Firm today to receive the compensation you deserve.

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