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The Duncan Firm believes in the value photographers bring to the world.  Photographers represented by James Bartolomei are creators who shed light on important topics such as women and children’s rights, child marriage and FGM, environmental challenges such as climate change and animal rights, and enduring concepts such as equality and freedom of speech.  James Bartolomei, Esq. heads Duncan Firm’s copyright and trademark infringement practice group and has experience litigating in federal court.

As a photographer, copyright infringement can affect your property rights, negatively impacting your brand, reputation, licensing rights, fees, or the mission statement of your organization. If you are a photographer or other creator, Duncan Firm, through James Bartolomei, a responsible photo attorney, can help you protect your photographs.

The first key legal factor in copyright cases is getting your photograph registered with the US Copyright Office.  It only takes a few minutes to register, but it is the only way to be able to seek statutory damages and possibly attorney’s fees from an infringing party.  Registration must be done within three months of first publishing your photograph. Click to read more about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), which is the main body of law that protects photographers and their work.

The second key factor in copyright infringement is hiring an experienced copyright photo lawyer to evaluate and potentially pursue damages for your copyrighted photo, video, or other work, which could result in monetary and/or injunctive relief.  All cases are different.

James Bartolomei represents some of the world’s top photographers including Stephanie Sinclair, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Ami Vitale, Robert Caplin, Marcus Bleadsdale, Annie Tritt, Andrea Bruce, and Erin Trieb.  James regularly co-counsels with New York-based attorney, Bryan D. Hoben, Esq., on various copyright matters.

Duncan Firm works hard to advance our clients’ copyright interests, and is committed to developing legal and business solutions to help our clients solve their toughest copyright and trademark disputes. Contact the photo attorneys at Duncan Firm today to find out how to pursue a copyright infringement or trademark case. To schedule a free phone consultation, please contact us today. Our offices are in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles.

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