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Logging trucks impose many risks of causing a potential accident due to heavy size and volume. Logging truck accidents can result in tragedy, which is why Duncan Firm is here to assist clients in finding cash justice relief.

What Causes A Logging Truck Accident?

There are many factors that can lead to a logging truck accident. A main factor is reckless driving. Logging truck drivers are often overworked and tired, which can impose serious risks. In some cases, if another driver brakes or stops suddenly, a logging truck driver might not have time to react accordingly if it is following too closely. Logging trucks need more time to come to a stop because of their size and weight. In addition to causing an accident, sudden stops may also cause debris to fly out of the truck.

Sometimes logging trucks are loaded improperly. If the truck is not loaded correctly, debris may fall out of the truck and cause damage to other vehicles on the road. Logging truck engines are large, which can make it difficult for truck drivers to hear when materials are falling out of the truck. As a result, truck drivers may not be aware that items are falling out of their vehicle, which can cause extreme damage to other drivers on the road.

Unfortunately, flat tires are common with logging trucks. When a logging truck has a flat tire, they may not be able to pull over in time. This can cause serious accidents and significant injuries and property damage. Logs may impale the windshield, causing injuries. If you are affected by a logging truck accident, Duncan Firm is here to help you find a resolution.  We have served clients in Arkansas, Los Angeles, New York, and around the nation. We were part of the trial team that secured a $7.5 million jury verdict  in a logging truck accident case.

Duncan Firm Can Help Logging Truck Accident Clients

Logging truck accidents can cause severe injury and emotional distress. Our lawyers recognize how significantly this can interfere with a client’s life.  If you are suffering from a logging truck accident, let Duncan Firm help. Call us today to discuss options and begin your journey to recovery and justice.

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