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Bus accidents cause over 300 fatalities each year and are to blame for many accidents on roads and highways. Bus accidents can cause serious trauma for anyone involved and can be difficult to resolve legally. If you or a family member are dealing with the aftermath of a bus accident, our lawyers can help. With over 40 years of experience, Duncan Firm lawyers are here to deliver clients justice.

Who Is Responsible For A Bus Accident?

Many companies may be  held responsible for a bus accident. In some cases the bus driver could be responsible for the accident. However, in other cases the bus management company, equipment manufacturers, negligent drivers or government agencies may be responsible for the crash.

Our lawyers recognize that every case is different. Therefore, we utilize every tool available in order to uncover the specifics of each case. If you choose Duncan Firm, we will get to the bottom of your case and leave no stone unturned.

Who Are The Largest Bus Companies In The United States?

The largest bus companies in the United States are responsible for transporting millions of people each year and have responsibility to safely maintain and operate their fleet of thousands of buses.  Some of the biggest bus companies are:

  1. Greyhound bus company
  2. Trailways bus company
  3. Coach USA bus company
  4. Megabus bus company
  5. BoltBus bus company
  6. Lux Bus America bus company
  7. Vamoose bus company
  8. RedCoach bus company
  9. Jefferson Lines bus company
  10. Peter Pan bus company

What Causes Bus Accidents?

There are several causes of bus accidents and many factors can play a huge role in causing an accident. Busses are used quite frequently.However, it is important to remember that these vehicles are heavy and large,which can impose a serious hazard to other drivers.

The following are common causes of bus accidents:

  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Negligent hiring
  • Negligent training
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Defective Auto Parts
  • Dangerous Roadways

A bus accident can cause significant damage for anyone involved. Often times our clients face expensive hospital bills, loss of income, changes in their daily life, as well as severe pain and suffering. We understand that finding a solution is challenging but we are willing to fight for our clients.

Bus Driver And Bus Company Negligence

Negligence remains to be one of the major causes in bus accidents throughout the country.

Often, bus companies fail to stay current on routine inspections and tests. Without inspection and testing, safety hazards can occur. Buses without seatbelts can increase safety hazards and cause serious risks for passengers. A bus accident may occur if buses are not maintained or operated correctly.

Bus driver negligence can also impose serious risks to passengers and cause accidents. Although many companies have laws to regulate and train their drivers, driver negligence is still common and dangerous. A driver must obey certain regulations pertaining to speed, hours, breaks and overall safety. If a driver is not trained properly or simply does not follow instructions, serious damage can occur.

If you or a family member are suffering from the results of a bus accident, call our lawyers at Duncan Firm today. With over 45 years of experience and offices in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles, our lawyers are dedicated to helping clients through serious, catastrophic personal injury cases. Contact us today and we will help you get your life back.

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