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In an ideal world, equipment and machinery would work perfectly. But it doesn’t always, and sometimes even new equipment is defective due to poor construction or manufacturer negligence. If you work with defective machinery and are subsequently injured, you may be in need of help from the defective product trial team at Duncan Firm, P.A.

Because such injuries often involve large equipment, injuries suffered can be severe, requiring hospitalization and time lost from work. Such injuries can lead to long-term disabilities and decrease in quality of life. Any of the following can be reason to seek additional recompense for major injuries due to defective equipment or machinery:

  • Daily, chronic pain
  • Ongoing issues requiring continuing medical care
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement

Any of these long-term issues can lead to significant decrease in quality of life, and can be grounds for pursuing a claim for long-term compensation. An experienced team of lawyers can determine whether your case would be eligible for such compensation.

In many cases, seeking restitution from an injury sustained due to defective equipment or machinery involves fighting for your rights against a large corporation. If you find yourself in this situation, you will benefit from having an experienced legal team on your side. Our defective product attorneys can ensure that you get what you need to cover medical bills, time lost from work, and even long-term disability or loss of quality of life.

These cases can be very complicated, and it can sometimes be difficult to prove that the machinery or equipment was, indeed, defective, and that the liability for your injuries lies with a negligent equipment manufacturer. An experienced team of lawyers knowledgeable in these kinds of cases can sort out the facts and bring you to a satisfactory conclusion.

If you have suffered an injury that you feel is due to defective equipment or machinery, please contact the personal injury team at Duncan Firm, PA online or by calling (501) 228-7600. Let us do the work to stand up for you against any large corporations liable for your accident. All consultations are no-cost and confidential, and we work on a contingency basis, so we only get paid if we secure a successful settlement.

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