25 Percent Of Recalled Vehicles Haven’t Been Repaired

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In theory, product recalls – especially recalls of defective automobiles – work in a pretty straight-forward fashion. The company discovers a safety flaw in the vehicle and issues a recall. Vehicle owners then visit their nearest dealer and get the vehicle repaired, usually for free.

However, it’s become evident that things are rarely so simple. A new Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story reports that 25 percent of recalled vehicles have gone completely unrepaired and are currently on the road with serious safety flaws.

As the Post-Gazette reports, vehicle recalls are at an all-time high, driven by increased government enforcement actions and prominent recalls like the Takata airbag recall. Many of these recalls are quite serious and should be handled immediately – if your airbag could potentially spray shrapnel on you or a passenger or if your engine is in danger of bursting into flames (both real safety flaws covered by recent recalls), you don’t want to drive around with those problems.

Our Little Rock defective product lawyers urge you to quickly fix any recalled safety flaws. To see if your vehicle has any active recalls, you can visit this National Highway Transportation Safety Administration web page.

If you’ve been hurt by a defective vehicle or any sort of shoddy product, please call Duncan Firm, P.A in Arkansas today, at 877-638-6226, for a free consultation.

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