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Accidents can be especially deadly when they involve big trucks such as semi-tractor trailer trucks, dump trucks, and other heavy commercial vehicles. Large trucks can weigh over 25 times the weight of a typical car1, causing a disproportionate amount of damage to a smaller passenger car. In fact, among accidents where a large truck was involved, only 17% of those injured are the truck drivers, while 72% are occupants in the other vehicles.

One of the most common injuries that victims sustain in such accidents are traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBIs can result in mild concussions, mild to moderate brain injuries with permanent brain damage, or even death.

The initial medical bills resulting from a TBI can be significant, averaging about $30,0003 but often rising MUCH higher due to the costly testing and treatments involved (CT/MRI/MRS scans, hospitalization, neurocritical care, neuropsychological testing, rehabilitation etc.). Plus, the victim may experience additional costs due to their inability to work, loss of earning capacity, vehicle damage, other injuries, and much more.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to get insurance companies and negligent parties to cover all costs associated with brain injuries. Unless MRI or CT scans show clear evidence of brain injury (often the findings are not so clear), insurance companies will proceed with the assumption that an injured person may be exaggerating or even faking their injury, or that they’re dealing with a pre-existing condition. These companies have deep pockets with near unlimited resources to limit fair compensation. That’s why it’s critical the victims of such accidents depend on experienced brain injury litigation attorneys, such as those found at Duncan Firm, P.A.

While many lawyers take on such brain injury cases and try to quickly settle for a fraction of the full value of the injuries, Duncan Firm is willing and able to go to court when necessary so clients don’t have to settleIf you or a family member was involved in a big-truck traffic accident, please contact Duncan Firm as soon as possible. We can assess your case at no cost or obligation.  

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