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Duncan Firm, P.A., a family-owned and operated trial law firm founded by personal injury lawyer Phillip Duncan, who has secured over $500 million in settlements and judgments for his clients, announces that the firm has moved its main office to a modern, newly renovated, exclusive office building located at 809 West Third Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201, effective February 1, 2020.  The phone number remains the same at 501-228-7600. The firm’s new offices are equipped for the 21st century practice of law, built to prepare cases for trial, and situated just blocks away from the federal and state courthouses. Duncan Firm plans to use its new office to build on nearly 50 years of successes, including numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts obtained by Phillip Duncan throughout his legal career.

Phillip Duncan’s Successes Go Back Nearly 50 years

Arkansas native Phillip Duncan has been practicing law since 1974. He began his career as a public defender in Little Rock having tried over 2,000 cases. Mr. Duncan then transitioned into private practice as a plaintiff’s trial lawyer, fighting for civil rights and seeking justice for the injured and the wronged. Over the course of his career, Mr. Duncan has earned a reputation as a fierce, zealous and dogged big truck accident lawyer for those injured, specializing in 18-wheeler accident cases, catastrophic personal injury cases and complex cases involving consumer rights, employee rights, and business torts cases.

Mr. Duncan is a personal injury and big truck accident lawyer who has lead and participated in numerous jury trials, obtaining seven, eight and nine figure jury verdicts, including a $17M verdict on a dump truck construction accident case, a $20M verdict on a medical injury case, a $7.152M verdict on a products liability wrongful death case against Ford Motor Company, an $8M verdict in a truck accident case in federal court against Union Pacific Railroad, a $4M verdict in a construction accident case in federal court (Jonesboro, AR), a $2.9M verdict in a helicopter crash case in Northwest, Arkansas, a $1,099,043.77 verdict for an injured employee, and a $20M judgment from a nightclub that served alcohol to minors.

Recently, Mr. Duncan is also credited for originating, preparing and helping try a business litigation case that resulted in a $372M trial court judgment, plus interest that accrues each day. On July 3, 2019, the trial court entered the final judgment in Bailey, Laserscopic Spinal Center of America et. al. v. St. Louis, Laser Spine Institute, EFO Holdings, LP, et. al., CV: 06-08498, Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. Phillip Duncan and his son-in-law, lawyer James Bartolomei, who also practices and manages cases in California and New York, were the original members of the trial team that represented plaintiff owner/operators from Arkansas (a medical doctor and three businessmen) and their Florida-based, minimally invasive spine surgery business. First filed in Arkansas in 2005, then refiled in Florida in 2006 for jurisdictional purposes using local Tampa counsel, Andrews Law Group, Duncan Firm sought significant relief related to the theft (disgorgement of profits) and/or destruction of plaintiffs’ unique surgery business in a case that lasted over 14 years. Boies Schiller and then ultimately Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman were associated as co-counsel to lead the trial team and navigate through two successful appeals using appellate lawyers at Kynes, Markman & Felman.

In late 2004, defendants formed a conspiracy, led by Texas-based private equity firm EFO Holdings and its principal, Bill Esping. EFO was allegedly performing due diligence into plaintiffs’ business for an investment or loan to grow and expand the surgery business. When negotiations were unsuccessful, defendants decided that if they could not own and control plaintiffs’ business, they would either steal it or interfere with it, and eventually destroy it. Aided by two doctor owners and directors of plaintiffs’ business, defendants’ “inside job” and wrongful takeover attempt can be summed up by simply referring to defendants’ own words: “We’re going to take your doctors and take your business” and go open up a competing business up the road. And that is exactly what they did, with defendants’ business, Laser Spine Institute (LSI), going on to generate billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains since 2005. The case finally resulted in a trial court verdict in favor of the Arkansas plaintiffs and their Florida-based business. After two successful appeals challenging the lack of damages awarded, the trial court found in favor of Duncan Firm’s clients for five years worth of disgorgement of defendants’ profits (plus interest) caused by defendants’ tortious interference, conspiracy, fraud, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of Florida’s unfair and deceptive trade practice act, and punitive damages. In late December 2019, the Florida Supreme Court denied Defendants’ last  and final remaining appeal.

Additionally, personal injury lawyer Phillip Duncan recently obtained an $800,000 jury verdict this past spring 2019 in Saline County, Arkansas for a US serviceman that suffered a severe back injury in a big truck accident. Also, in December 2019, a trial team lead by Reid Byrd, Rob Pointer and Richard Quintus and under the guidance of Phillip Duncan, won a $460,000 unanimous jury verdict in a truck accident case filed Pulaski County, Arkansas.

Duncan Firm often receives referrals of complex cases, including from referrals from defense lawyers. The seasoned lawyers at Duncan Firm – Phillip Duncan, James Bartolomei, Richard Quintus, Rob Pointer, Tim Reed, and Reid Byrd – prepare each case using a team-based approach to seek just and fair results. Duncan Firm has lawyers licensed to practice in Arkansas, California, New York, Florida, Connecticut, the District of Colorado and/or Washington, DC. The Duncan Firm trial team has extensive experience in big truck accidents, bus accidents, car hauler accidents, logging truck accidents, dump truck accidents, catastrophic personal injury cases, construction accident cases, labor and startup business employee rights, civil rights, cancer cases caused by the Roundup spray made by Monsanto, copyright infringement, consumer rights cases and business litigation.

For more information, please contact us at info@duncanfirm.com, visit www.duncanfirm.com or call 501-228-7600.

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