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Arkansas can certainly be a dangerous place to drive, as illustrated by the most recent Traffic Accident Statistics Report, published by the Arkansas State Police.

Annually there are over sixty thousand traffic accidents across the state. Not surprisingly, Little Rock leads in number of accidents, with smaller cities such as Fort Smith and Fayetteville next in line by a wide gap.

Total Crashes Little Rock10,522 Fort Smith2,997 Fayetteville2,807 Jonesboro2,613 Springdale1,987

Thankfully, with modern automobile safety technology, these high numbers of crashes actually result in relatively few fatalities. Interestingly, the chart below has several cities listed on it that aren’t in the table above, due to their higher fatality rates.

Traffic Accident Fatalities Little Rock 43 Hot Springs 9 Cabot 8 Fort Smith 7 Conway 7

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