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In the era of the mobile and digital consumer, truck operators have expanded to take on a wide range of uses. Across the US, the trucking industry is most widely-used for an efficient method of delivery, serving residential neighborhoods or businesses alike.

The substantial increase in the number of vehicles on the road paired with the mere size of these trucks has led to a higher frequency of accidents. Because of their low mobility and weight, these accidents often result in serious damage leading to injury or death. 

Here are some notable statistics about truck accidents in 2021.

General truck accident statistics

  • In the United States, around 500,000 trucking accidents happen each year. 
  • There has been a 52% increase in truck accidents this year as compared to in 2009.
  • Trucks over 10,000lbs were involved in 3,864 fatal crashes in the United States.
  • In 2019, 52% of deaths in truck collisions happened on major roads other than interstates and freeways, compared to interstate and freeway crashes (32%) and minor roads (15%)
  • In 2019, 48% of truck accident deaths took place from 6am to 3pm. For non-trucking accidents, the number is 30%.
  • Truck accidents that happen in rural regions account for 68% of the total number of truck accidents, including those in cities.
  • 66% of all fatal truck accidents happen during the day.

Statistics about fatality or injuries in truck accidents

  • 5,005 people died in large-truck accidents in 2019, a 36% increase from the number of deaths in 2010.
  • Additionally, large trucks also account for more than 10% of all fatal vehicle crashes.
  • In truck accidents, most injuries or fatalities occur in the other vehicle, accounting for 69% of injuries, followed by truck occupants (29%) and non-occupants (2%).
  • An estimated 130,000 people are injured in truck collisions yearly. Some of the common injuries caused by truck accidents include: broken bones, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding and head trauma.

Demographic statistics about truck accidents

  • The average age of a trucker is 47 years old.
  • In the United States, there are 672,788 professional truck drivers, 16.7% which are women and 80% which are men.
  • More than 21% of fatal truck accidents are caused by drivers who have at least one prior speeding conviction before the accident.
  • Each year, about 700 truck drivers or their passengers die in on-the-job accidents.

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