Over Half Of Hospital Deaths May Involve Blood Infections

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Drunk driving is a seemingly never-ending problem. Despite continuous efforts to discourage it, it still prevails causing numerous injuries every year. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but it is also highly illegal.

Over time, DUI laws have become more severe than ever. However, this is still not enough to stop the increasing rate of those breaking the law and putting other lives at risk. It is estimated that over 20,000 people were killed in traffic accidents during the first half of the year.

This is the highest six-month total in over 15 years. In fact, drunk driving kills roughly 10,000 people nationwide on a yearly basis. This accounts for roughly one-third of traffic-related deaths.

But could car technology be the solution to drunk driving that we have been waiting for?

Expensive to Treat

According to the researchers involved in this study, sepsis is very expensive to treat and guidelines for treating less severe blood infections are not well-defined. However, even minor blood infections can be fatal.

Failure to treat sepsis is a form of medical malpractice and families who have lost a loved one due to hospital negligence deserve justice. The Little Rock hospital error attorneys at the Duncan Firm would be honored to meet with you for a free consultation to answer your questions, discuss your rights, and help you determine the most effective way to get the justice you are due.

If you have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, please contact the Duncan Firm today to set up a free and informative meeting with one of our dedicated Little Rock personal injury attorneys.

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