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Of the various types of van and SUV accidents in and around the Little Rock, Arkansas area, rollover accidents have earned two distinctions: these accidents are more likely to impact only one vehicle, and these accidents are among the most fatal for drivers and passengers of the overturned truck or SUV.

Whereas many car accidents require some form of negligent behavior on the part of one or more driver, SUV rollover accidents most commonly occur during normal vehicle maneuvering. Things such as tapping a curb, drifting slightly onto a shoulder, and taking a turn at a regular speed can all result in vehicle rollover due not to driving behaviors, but to defective vehicle design.

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Defective Vehicle Design

Legal actions following rollover accidents are often a combination of car accident and defective product litigation, making it necessary to have an attorney on your side with sufficient experience in each area of law. Our Little Rock car accident attorneys have decades of combined experience with these types of accidents and are prepared to take your case and help you get the maximum compensation you are due.

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