Tragic Duck Boat Accident In Branson, Missouri Likely Preventable

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Tragedy struck in Branson, Missouri last night on July 19, 2018, leaving at least 17 dead when a tourist duck boat capsized during a violent thunderstorm, which struck the lake the boat was traveling on with nearly 70 mph winds and huge waves. Another duck boat on the lake at the same time made it safely back to shore.

The families have questions about how such a tragedy could have happened. Why did the boat attempt to navigate the lake with severe thunderstorms in the area and warning issued? Why did the duck boat not attempt to get the passengers closer to shore when problems arose? Why did the boat’s captain survive when so many of those lives he was entrusted with did not? And were life jackets employed properly?  Most likely, the Branson duck accident was preventable.  

To obtain answers to these question, the US Coast Guard, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and National Transportation Safety Board are all taking part in the investigation of the duck boat and the victims of this tragedy.

Duncan Firm, directed by Phillip Duncan, has lawyers with a history of helping the victims of boating accidents seek justice for their loss. Over the years we’ve investigated and represented victims of numerous boating accident. Duncan Firm have found a few things that are consistent in these accidents:

  1. Rarely will something like this ever happen when thorough precautions are being implemented, such as regular and thorough staff training, proper equipment inspection and maintenance, and the establishment of stringent safety policies.
  2. Investigating such accidents can be difficult. Often the witnesses have perished, and the scene is chaotic. The key is often to utilize the expertise of the best investigators, such as those Duncan Firm has worked with in the past.
  3. Those that survive may have avoided death, but they will still suffer significantly from issues such as mental anguish, survivor’s guilt, and numerous forms of anxiety that can often be debilitating.  

To learn more about Duncan Firm’s experience as lawyers with boat accidents, visit here.

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