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A ‘wrong side brain surgery’ is exactly what it sounds like: the wrong side of a patient’s brain is operated on. “Unbelievable!” you might say, “That couldn’t happen in this day and age!” But it actually happens more than it should. Doctor negligence, poor hospital practices, and miscommunication can all help explain why such medical malpractice happens, but it does not excuse it.

In one instance, a nurse practitioner at Rhode Island Hospital failed to record which side of the man’s brain required surgery. The surgeon relied on his memory to recall which side of the brain required operation, without consulting a CT chart. When the surgeon realized he was operating on the wrong side, he switched sides and continued.

In the surgical team’s hast, they didn’t follow proper procedures. This wrong surgery was number 3 in the unit’s six years of practice. A consultant was hired to review this hospital’s surgical safety procedures. But this is too little, too late for those that were already harmed by the hospital’s negligence.

This is not an unpreventable accident. A wrong side surgery is failure to take the appropriate steps, often from the start. If a hospital has the right procedures and steps for preparation in place, such tragedies can be essentially eliminated.

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