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Most of the time, the insurance coverage is straightforward. Worker’s compensation covers you if you receive an injury at work.  Your auto insurance covers accidents that occur in your vehicle.

But, what if the injury occurs while you’re in your work vehicle? In that case, the situation is a little more complicated.

Despite your best efforts, accidents are going to happen. Even when you follow all safety guidelines, there are several other factors, such as weather, mechanical problems, or someone else’s error, that can affect the outcome. 

First, it’s essential to differentiate between a company car and a work vehicle.

Company cars are sometimes provided to employees who may travel a lot for their job. While the vehicle is used mainly for work, employees also use it even when they’re not working.

Work vehicles are specifically designed to help you carry out your job duties. You drive your car to your worksite. At that point, you get your work vehicle to use throughout the day. At the end of your shift, you return your work vehicle to its designated spot and get your car to drive home. Examples of work vehicles are those used by package delivery companies, utilities, or company maintenance.  These vehicles usually require specialized training.

If you were using your work vehicle and were injured while performing your job, worker’s compensation should cover your injury.  Be sure to prepare detailed documentation explaining the nature of the accident and how it happened.  You should obtain eyewitness statements as soon as possible.

If an injury occurred in your work vehicle while doing a personal errand or you were engaged in any activity outside of your job duties, your injury probably would not be covered by worker’s compensation. So, who will cover your medical expenses and lost wages?

When it comes to determining responsibility, states have different regulations. Contact Duncan Firm if you have been involved in an accident while driving your work vehicle. You can schedule a free consultation with a lawyer experienced in truck accidents and personal injury.

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