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Most motorcycle accidents occur because the drivers of passenger vehicles or commercial trucks fail to see the motorcycles.

The experienced Arkansas attorneys at the Duncan Firm understand that motorcycle collisions often result in severe injuries or death to bikers, and we have helped numerous victims and their families recover the financial security they need to cope with the life-changing impacts of motorcycle accidents. Based on this experience, we offer some basic information about Arkansas motorcycle laws and motorcycle riding safety measures.

In Arkansas, drivers 16 and older may apply for a motorcycle driver’s license. The Arkansas Office of Driver Services encourages all new motorcycle operators to take a safe riding course.

All Arkansas motorcycle drivers are required to wear goggles or a transparent face shield when operating their motorcycles. All motorcycle drivers 21 and younger are required to wear helmets. All motorcycle passengers in Arkansas must have foot and arm rests.

Motorcycle operators and passengers are encouraged to wear helmets that comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and include face or eye protection. Drivers and passengers are also encouraged to wear protective clothing that features bright colors.

Although all motor vehicle operators are advised to use lights and turn signals, this is especially important to motorcycle operators. Maintaining and using your lights and turn signals gives other drivers a greater opportunity to notice your motorcycle.

For additional information about motorcycle accidents, please see our Questions about Motorcycle Accidents page.

If you were injured or a family member was killed in a motorcycle accident, please contact the Duncan Firm for a free case consultation. Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers welcome clients from Little Rock and throughout Arkansas.

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