Antitrust laws protect consumers and competitors against unfair and unethical business practices. Driven by profit, many companies attempt to skirt these laws or find clever work-arounds to boost their bottom line. When they do so, you need an experienced antitrust attorney on your side.  

Designed to ensure fair practices and guard against predatory business strategies in the free market, antitrust laws cover unfair or deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, price fixing and other unjust, unconscionable behavior that unlawfully interferes with fair competition in the marketplace.

If you believe you have been the victim of unfair, dishonest, or illegal business practices, please call the Duncan Firm at our Little Rock office at 877-638-6226 to discuss your case for free with one of our Arkansas antitrust lawyers.

Extensive Experience in Antitrust Litigation

The attorneys at the Duncan Firm are prepared to assist companies, governments, and consumers affected by anticompetitive conduct. We have decades of experience assessing market circumstances to determine when action is necessary and how to best pursue legal action to ensure justice is served.

Antitrust cases we are currently involved in include:

  • Visa/MasterCard: Unlawful swipe charges for merchants and small businesses
  • Auto Wire Harness Systems: Price fixing of auto parts for automobile dealers
  • Multiple Titanium Dioxide Manufactures: Price fixing of paints for consumers
  • Cast Iron Soil Pile & Fittings: Price fixing of cast iron pipe for consumers

Experienced attorneys at the Duncan Firm can review your case and advise you whether or not you have cause to join a class action lawsuit as a result of unfair, predatory, or unlawful business practices.

Consumer and Government Fraud Attorneys

With advances in technology and Internet usage at an all-time high, the instances of fraud committed against consumers and the government are also happening much more frequently. Consumer fraud is a broad term that is used to describe deceptive or unfair business practices that are perpetrated by individuals or companies with the intent of obtaining financial advantage at the expense of their "customers."

Consumer fraud occurs when a consumer buys merchandise, services, or property that does not work as advertised or does not even exist. Some of the most popular fraudulent acts against consumer involve:

  • Defective products
  • Real estate that does not exist
  • Insurance coverage
  • Travel scams
  • Fake charities

If you or a loved one has been the victim of some type of fraud or scam, there is legal help available to you. The Duncan Firm, P.A. in Little Rock, Arkansas has represented many people who have fallen victim to criminals who have cheated consumers out of millions.

Our legal team will investigate the entities that have committed the fraud and will then successfully resolve your claim in the hopes of recovering monetary damages for you. For years, we have stood up to unscrupulous organizations and individuals to help consumers in a wide range of fraudulent matters.

Please contact the experienced, compassionate attorneys at the Duncan Firm today using the form on this page or by calling 877-638-6226 to schedule your confidential consultation. We are a family-run law firm, and we understand what it takes to fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.