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Bonsib v. BKB Trucking, LLC.

3:17-CV-00024-DPJ-FKB (Mississippi)

Federal Court case involving big truck accident in MS and the injury was hotly contested as plaintiff had worked hard to overcome his injury and was a doctor in a specialized unique practice area making a good living.

Confidential Settlement.

Floyd Pennington v. Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. and Ryder Trucking


Federal Court case involving big truck accident involving storm and visibility issues.

Confidential Settlement.

Maxine Burns v. GLP Express, Inc.


Flat-bed-big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement.

Jeffrey and Margaret Bussell v. Horizon Freight Lines


Tandem truck drivers (husband and wife) were hit broadside by another big truck crossing a bridge in snowy conditions.

Confidential Settlement.

Sabrina Beasley as Administratrix of the Estate of David Beasley v. Covenant Transport


Involving a unique issue of a big tuck hitting a vehicle being driven by a hard-working person who was a young professional and a good income.

Wrongful death. Big truck attempted to pass and caused head-on collision.

Confidential Settlement that was placed in trust for his beautiful young children and a management trust for the widow.

Jessa Anderson v. Shane Shelton Trucking, et al.


Big truck accident involving complex insurance and bankruptcy issues that resulted in multiple lawsuits including Federal and state courts.

Confidential Settlement.

Judy Stacy v. Roadmasters Transport, LLC, and Welspun LLC.

60 CV 2011-4149

Big truck accident involving overweight, oversized permits and an articulating pole trailer.

Confidential Settlement.

Roseanna Wallace as Personal Representative and Administratrix of Wanda Gail Russell v. Fed-Ex Freight, Inc., UPS Ground Freight, Inc., Con-Way Truckload, Inc., et al,


Wrongful death. Big truck accident rollover, passenger ejected, ran over pedestrian.

Confidential Settlement

Jasmin LJuca as Special Administratrix of the Estate of Zekerijah Ljuca, Deceased, (Claim)

Wrongful death. Big truck accident head-on collision with another big truck. Engulfed in flames.

Confidential Settlement

Bettye Balios v. First Fleet, Inc.


Big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement

Ernest Brown v. National Oilwell Varco, LP, & Southern Solutions and Services, LLC.


Truck driver working with hazardous materials injured by negligently connected hose.

Confidential Settlement.

Felisha Ervin v. DKL Transportation, Inc.


Sideswiped by big truck.

Confidential Settlement.

Roscoe Winemiller v. Ronald Cross, et al.


Big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement.

Lori Spillers, et al. vs. Warren Transport, Inc., et al.

2:09-CV-492-WKW (Alabama)

Big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement.

Harwinder Singh (Claim v. Bowden Specialties, Inc.) (California)

Big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement.

Chandravadan Parag et al v. Federal Coach, LLC, and Gold Strike Casino Resort

2:08-CV-069-P-A (Mississippi)

Terry Martin (Claim v. Maur Truck Corp) (New Mexico)

Big truck hits another big truck causing the truck driver to be knocked out of the sleeper cab.

Confidential Settlement.

Diana Thomas v. Melissa O'Brien and LabCorp

08-7071, PCCC

Big truck ran a red light causing collision.

Confidential Settlement.

Larry Turnage (Claim v. K&C Trucking)

Big truck accident.

Confidential Settlement.

Amy Maxwell (Claim v. Huddleston Trucking)

Truck driver rear-ended by tractor-trailer log truck.

Confidential Settlement.

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