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Why is it so important to hire a catastrophic injury/wrongful death lawyer who is also an experienced trial attorney?

While most of these cases settle before trial, not all do. To receive a just settlement, you need an attorney who knows how to fight for you in the courtroom, and is prepared to do so. Duncan Firm has taken major catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases to trial. Knowing this, businesses and insurance companies have an incentive to settle. If they choose not to, Duncan Firm has a strong track record of winning such cases in court.

What kind of financial settlement can I expect?

After determining the facts of your case, Duncan Firm attorneys will seek a settlement that is fair, just and enables you or a loved one to receive the ongoing care and treatment needed, as well as compensate for lost income and the pain and suffering the injury and/or death caused.

What will an attorney cost?

Duncan Firm will not charge anything to represent you. In return for our services, we take a percentage of the settlement offer when we win your case.

What should I do if an insurance company makes me an offer?

An experienced attorney can often obtain a higher settlement offer from an insurance company. If you have already received an offer, contact a Duncan Firm attorney who will assess the offer and see if it fairly compensates you. We offer such consultations at no charge.

How long will it take my case to settle?

Because no two cases are alike, it is difficult to know how much time will be required to settle your case. When a catastrophic injury occurs, it can be some time to establish the full extent of the person’s injuries. It’s important to make sure that future medical costs are part of any settlement. Once we know the facts of your case we can better assess your situation.

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